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Launching Your Hedge Fund Strategy In An ETF

A New Route To Access Capital

Thursday, March 25, 2021 - 3pm GMT / 10am Eastern / 9am Central

The evident growth in active ETFs demonstrates that both the use of the ETF wrapper for active strategies and the demand for actively managed ETFs is growing. Hedge funds are somewhat back in vogue for investors and their advisors, but for many, the traditional barriers to allocating to hedge funds - lock-ups, accredited / professional investor access criteria and monthly (sometimes quarterly) liquidity means that advisors can't or won't go near them. Hedge fund managers are delivering strategies in UCITS-compliant structures,however, so why not as ETFs as a useful means of distribution? If you're considering launching an actively-managed ETF to exist alongside your private fund, or would just like to learn more about the benefits and opportunities that exist for active managers, join AlphaWeek for a one-hour webinar that will provide insight into structuring, distributing and operation an ETF.



Dave Shastri

Dave Shastri, Chief Strategy Officer, Truss Edge

Dave has over 30 years of banking and investment experience. He is the CSO of Truss Edge, the complete software and operations platform for hedge funds, CTAs and ETFs and he is also the CEO of MATware , the portfolio management system for institutional investors in hedge funds and private equity.  Dave was Managing Director of FundXchange which was acquired by Zurich Financial Services. For over 18 years he was at the Bank of Bermuda with his last position as Vice President and Head of Business Development of Global Fund Services, EMEA and he has assisted managers in establishing hedge funds since 1992.  Dave is a director of a number of prominent private investment businesses.




Truss Edge

Truss Edge

At Truss Edge we assist investment firms with managing and operating complex virtual environments for their trading, portfolio management and data processing activities. Our clients come to us for full or customized technology and middle and back office solutions because we evolved as the system development and operations team of a multi-strategy firm. We have the people and the expertise which will allow us to manage complex or simple outsourcing projects, including improving connectivity with other service providers and interacting seamlessly with your proprietary trade management systems where they exist.

Truss Edge can dynamically manage data within an ETF portfolio on a single platform without any recourse to other solutions. It is flexible enough to manage a wide variety of instruments and strategies, and in addition can cater to thematic ETFs, long/short ETFs and commodity-based ETFs.



Investors and Investment Managers

Investors and Investment managers can attend Launching Your Hedge Fund Strategy In An ETF free of charge.

Please click here to apply for an investment manager ticket. We may need to contact you to verify your status prior to confirming your place.


Service Providers

There is a £50 fee for service providers wishing to attend Launching Your Hedge Fund Strategy In An ETF.

Please click here to purchase a service provider ticket.