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Private Credit In A Post-Covid World

The private credit industry has ballooned in the past decade, but fundraising has plateaued, and the damage caused to businesses due to the lockdowns designed to stem the spread of Covid-19 has led to some commentators questioning the wisdom of allocating to private credit strategies in the current environment.

Private Credit In A Post-Covid World is a series of 3 webinars designed to educate institutional and professional investors about some of the opportunities and risks involved in allocating to private debt managers in three of the constituent asset sub-classes in the industry.


Webinar 2: Distressed Debt

Tuesday, December 15, 2020 - 2.30pm UK / 3.30PM CET / 9.30am Eastern

Many commentators suggest that distressed debt should provide opportunities for outsized returns in the coming years. It’s not that simple, of course. What questions should investors be asking when looking for distressed debt exposure?

The pandemic is re-drawing the landscape for distressed debt, and already some investors are increasing their activity in this area. But which sectors and countries offer the most profitable opportunities? And is government intervention muddying waters?


Webinar 3: Real Estate Lending

Tuesday, January 19, 2021 - 2.30pm UK / 3.30PM CET / 9.30am Eastern

Commercial real estate has been hammered by the trend of more people working from home. With many conventional property funds gated, how can real estate lending strategies offer a different take on property? What’s the future for real estate lending, and and where specifically are the opportunities for investors? And what about the new housing boom?


Webinar 1: Direct Lending ***This is a past webinar***

Tuesday, November 17, 2020 - 2.30pm UK / 3.30PM CET / 9.30am Eastern

What has been the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on lending to SME’s and what are the opportunities and risks that investors need to be aware of when allocating to managers active in this area?

SMEs represent a large and growing part of developed countries’ economies, yet many are still radically under-banked. As we emerge from the pandemic, how will private lending represent the recovery of this part of the economy?



Institutional / professional investors and investment managers can join the webinars free of charge.

Service providers can join the webinars for a fee of £25 + VAT per webinar. Click 'register' below for more information.