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Many funds embrace digital. Many do not.

Fund Marketing & IR teams have a very relevant challenge. How do we make our company look to the future?

Some funds prefer to stick to the status quo. Not pushing. Keeping below the radar and out of the spotlight, like something that should not be spoken about.

The reality is that if you are not embracing digital, your peers are. They are winning, whereas you are not.

Join Paul Das, CEO & Founder of ProFundCom, on 4th November at 2 pm BST/9 am EST when he will cover the key points you need to cover in a digital marketing business case:

• The Magic Number - CAC and LTV

• ROI reporting

• Leveraging data for sales teams

• Business Intelligence

• Raising & retaining assets

Please register at the link below to book your space. A replay will be sent to you if you cannot make it on the day.

How to Make a Business Case for Investing in Fund Digital Marketing