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AltsOps 2023

Day 1 - Private Markets

Wednesday October 18, 2023, 10.30am - 5.30pm | New York

AltsOps is a two-day event, one private markets focused, one hedge funds focused, which is designed to provide alternative investment firm CEOs, COOs and middle and back office professionals with a forum to hear about the latest developments in the operational due diligence arena from leading investors and service providers. Day 1 on Wednesday, October 18th, is curated specifically for private markets firms.


1030 – 1100: Registration, Refreshments

1100 – 1105: Introductory Remarks

1105 – 1145: Session 1: What Do RIAs Focus on in Private Markets ODD?

RIAs and wealth managers are increasingly turning their attention to the private markets as they look to access different sources of returns for their clients. This panel explains what's foremost on the mind of these LPs when they are conducting their due diligence on potential and existing managers.

Speaker: Lance Paddock: CEO, Thompson Creek Wealth Advisors

Speaker: Gregory Poapst: Managing Partner, Fundviews Capital

Moderator: Greg Winterton, Managing Editor, AlphaWeek

1145 – 1225: Session 2: How to Mitigate LP Communication and Relationship Pain Points

LPs come in a variety of types, each with different requirements and different demands they place of their GPs. This panel explains some of the areas where GPs can improve their CRM processes both with existing and potential clients to best support client retention and improve efficiency in the capital raising process.

Speaker: Trilliam Jeong: CEO, Co-Founder, WealthBlock

Speaker: Liron Mandelbaum: COO, Dasseti

Speaker: Ron Sylvestri: Founder & President, Quail Ridge Asset Management

Moderator: Greg Winterton, Managing Editor, AlphaWeek

1225 – 1330: Lunch

1330 – 1410: Session 3: Dealmaking Due Diligence: Insights and Stories from Transaction Experts

Private markets investors are experts at sourcing deals but deal due diligence is just as important to them as ODD is to LPs when sourcing new GPs. This panel will discuss a range of topics related to deal due diligence and war stories from life as a dealmaker and advisor.

Speaker: Mitchell Cohen: Partner, Senior Vice President, US Capital Global

Speaker: David Forman: Managing Member, Phoenix CG

Moderator: Greg Winterton, Managing Editor, AlphaWeek

1410 – 1450: Session 4: The Latest Risks in Cybersecurity and Wire Fraud Risk - and How to Reduce Them

Private markets investors wisely spend time and resources at the management company level on cyber risk. But what they spend much less time on is portfolio company cyber risk. This panel will explain best practices for private markets GPs when it comes to both pre-and post-acquisition cyber due diligence.

Speaker: Michael Brice, Founder, President, BW Cyber

Speaker: Ryan Cejnowski, SVP, Treasury Solutions Sales, Valley Bank

Speaker: Anthony Mascia, Managing Partner, EFSI

Moderator: Glen Carballo, Vice President – Business Development, National Deposits Group, Valley Bank

1450 – 1520: Networking Break

1520 – 1600: Session 5: Considerations for Engaging with Family Offices 

Alternative asset managers of all strategies are domain experts, with many years of experience in at least one asset class or strategy. Institutional investors sometimes have less experience, which means that significant education can sometimes be required. But what happens when an LP does have domain knowledge? How should you approach the due diligence process then? Kamil Homsi, Founder and CEO of single family office, GRC Investment Group, explains in a fireside chat with AlphaWeek’s Greg Winterton.

Speaker: Kamil Homsi, CEO, GRC Investment Group

Moderator: Greg Winterton, Managing Editor, AlphaWeek

1600 – 1640: Session 6: Private Markets Accounting, Audit, Compliance and Legal Update

Whether you’re an established fund manager, a new one, or you are looking at launching, it’s critical to understand the current state of the regulatory environment. This panel will explain the knowledge gaps and upcoming changes to regulation that all private markets fund managers need to be cognizant of.

Speaker: Muhammad Akram: Founder, President, Akram Assurance, Advisory & Tax Firm

Speaker: Simon Riveles, Founder & Partner, Riveles Wahab

Moderator: Greg Winterton, Managing Editor, AlphaWeek

1640 – 1645: Closing Remarks

1645 – 1730: Networking Reception



Muhammad Akram: Founder, President, Akram Assurance, Advisory & Tax Firm

Michael Brice: Founder, President, BW Cyber

Glen Carballo, Vice President – Business Development, National Deposits Group, Valley Bank

Ryan Cejnowski, SVP, Treasury Solutions Sales, Valley Bank

Mitchell Cohen: Partner, Senior Vice President, US Capital Global

David Forman: Managing Member, Phoenix CG

Kamil Homsi, CEO, GRC Investment Group

Trilliam Jeong: CEO, Co-Founder, WealthBlock

Liron Mandelbaum: COO, Dasseti

Anthony Mascia, Managing Partner, EFSI

Lance Paddock: CEO, Thompson Creek Wealth Advisors

Gregory Poapst: Managing Partner, Fundviews Capital

Simon Riveles, Founder & Partner, Riveles Wahab

Ron Sylvestri: Founder & President, Quail Ridge Asset Management

Greg Winterton, Managing Editor, AlphaWeek



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