Asset Raising For Emerging Managers Workshop

Wednesday November 13th 2019, New York, NY, USA


AlphaWeek’s Asset Raising For Emerging Managers Workshop is designed exclusively for alternative investment firm owners, CIOs and marketing heads. It will provide you with insights and actionable tips to improve your sales marketing and communications efforts in pursuit of winning asset allocations from sophisticated investors.


For program content development and as its Workshop Lead Educator, AlphaWeek has chosen to team with Bruce Frumerman, CEO of Frumerman & Nemeth Inc., the 32-year old financial communications and sales marketing consulting firm.


Bruce Frumerman
Bruce Frumerman

Frumerman’s firm’s work has helped money management firm clients attract over $7 billion in new assets, yet they are not third-party marketers.

Founded in 1987 pre-crash, Frumerman & Nemeth specializes in helping clients create the beyond-the-numbers ammunition they need to do a better job than their competitors in educating and persuading people to understand and buy into how they invest. This is the very content investment committees actually discuss behind closed doors and vote on when considering firms on a short list for potential investment.

Clients hire Frumerman & Nemeth for its ideas, insights and content deliverables regarding what to say, how to say it, how to communicate it in written and verbal form throughout the selling cycle, and how to get third-party endorsement for the intellectual acumen of management.



This Workshop’s program is designed to provide the emerging manager with insights and actionable tips that will:


1. Change your thinking about who you are marketing to, what it takes to meet their beyond-the-numbers due diligence requirements and how to better differentiate your firm from the competition.


2. Provide direction for crafting more and better tools, and marketing plans to tell and sell your firm’s story throughout the selling cycle you face, and building a brand identity.



Registration at 8:00am. Teaching session begins at 8:30am and ends at 12:30pm. The Workshop is in two parts (with a break in between and networking at the end):


1) Resetting Your Thinking – Insights, tips and the starting point for running a strong asset raising effort


2) Applying What You Created — Beyond the one-on-one selling efforts


Key topics the Workshop will cover:

  • Understanding your prospective investors
  • The wrong seller-focused selling process most of your competitors follow
  • How sophisticated investors really vet emerging managers
  • Branding isn't what you think
  • The buyer-focused approach you need to take
  • Crafting what to say — Core content creation
  • Content marketing to support the sales effort
  • Common compliance mistakes to avoid with your IR and marketing materials
  • Marketing at industry conferences, cap intro presentations and in the media
  • Your business plan as a marketing tool
  • Interactive Q&A with the attendees

View the full agenda here.



Attendance is open exclusively to hedge fund firm professionals: owners, CEOs, portfolio managers and marketing/investor relations professionals.

This is a training event, curated and designed to be intensive and interactive. Spaces are very limited.



Tickets to attend Asset Raising For Emerging Managers cost $495. If you are a member of the Hedge Fund Association, New York Alternative Investment Roundtable or 100 Women In Finance, you may qualify for a discount. Please contact these organisations directly for your discount code.



Please email us at for information on how to register.




Asset Raising For Emerging Managers will be hosted at the Manhattan offices of RSM, a leading provider of accounting, auditing and tax services.

With experience in handling more than 1,500 investment funds (including hedge funds, fund of funds, commodity pools and private equity funds), RSM specializes in addressing the complex operational, financial, reporting and compliance issues facing the asset management industry.






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Asset Raising For Emerging Managers will be held on Wednesday, November 13, 2019, at the Manhattan offices of RSM, at 151 W 42nd St., 19th Floor, New York, NY, 10036.