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Asset Raising For Hedge Funds Workshop

Insights and tips to help your capital raising efforts

Wednesday, April 27, 2022 - New York | 1.30pm ET - 6pm ET


It is tough enough for a hedge fund to outperform its peers, but it is equally challenging to make it through the due diligence gauntlet of sophisticated investors and have them decide good performance was more due to manager skill rather than luck. Most hedge fund manager firm owners are not experienced marketing experts. This hinders their capital raising efforts.

AlphaWeek wants to help your investment firm improve its asset raising abilities this year. Our ASSET RAISING FOR HEDGE FUNDS Workshop is designed exclusively for hedge fund firm owners, CIOs and marketing heads. It will provide you with insights and actionable tips to improve your sales marketing and communications efforts in pursuit of winning asset allocations from sophisticated investors.


1330 - 1400: Registration, Lunch

1400 - 1405: Opening Remarks

1405 - 1505: Session 1: Presentation: Better Understanding Of & Marketing To Sophisticated Investors

This first session will help attendees better understand these coveted investors and how to communicate with them. Among the topics addressed at this session will be:

  • How sophisticated investors differ from others your hedge fund manager firm might attract.
  • How sophisticated investors vet hedge fund firms like yours: making it through their objective and subjective analyses.
  • What they are looking for from you at your first meeting.
  • How most hedge funds handle their selling to sophisticated investors – and what the vast majority of them are doing wrong.
  • How your beyond-the-numbers marketing is key to out-marketing competitors and attracting sticky assets.
  • What it takes to make the beyond-the-numbers sell and provide sophisticated investors with the due diligence information they need to choose you over a competitor.

Presenter: Bruce Frumerman, CEO, Frumerman & Nemeth

1505 - 1535: Session 2: Panel: Common Compliance Mistakes To Avoid In Your IR And Marketing Materials

All too often, disclaimers are a mere footnote at the bottom of the page or a slide at the back. This session will explain common mistakes, share what has aroused further attention by the SEC, and recommend an action plan workflow for keeping your future communications with prospects and investors compliant.

Speaker: Bruce Frumerman, CEO, Frumerman & Nemeth

Speaker: Jonathan Golub, Partner, Wiggin & Dana

1535 - 1605: Networking Break

1605 - 1635: Session 3: Panel: Marketing Your Business Plan

Operational due diligence plays an increasingly important role in the selection of a hedge fund manager. But still, firms focus too much on their technology stack, or their roster of service providers. This session addresses the importance of communicating your business plan, explains why investors care, and recommends what business management elements to include in your communications.

Speaker: Bruce Frumerman, CEO, Frumerman & Nemeth

Speaker: Jonathan Golub, Partner, Wiggin & Dana

1635 - 1730:  Session 4: Presentation: Applying What You Created

Asset raising takes place over a selling cycle. How can you market to sophisticated investors over the months after you’ve had your initial meeting? This session will offer insights and tips on how to increase your frequency of contact with prospects in meaningful ways, improving your odds of being at the right place at the right time when sophisticated investors decide they are now finally satisfied with their due diligence on your firm.

Presenter: Bruce Frumerman, CEO, Frumerman & Nemeth

1730 - 1735: Closing Remarks

1735 - 1800: Networking Reception

1800: Close


Workshop Lead Educator

For program content development and as its Workshop Lead Educator, AlphaWeek has chosen to team with Bruce Frumerman, CEO of Frumerman & Nemeth Inc., the 34-year-old financial communications and sales marketing consulting firm.

Bruce Frumerman, CEO, Frumerman & Nemeth, Inc

Bruce Frumerman

Frumerman’s firm’s work has helped money management firm clients attract over $7 billion in new assets, yet they are not third-party marketers.

Founded in 1987 pre-crash, Frumerman & Nemeth specializes in helping clients create the beyond-the-numbers ammunition they need to do a better job than their competitors in educating and persuading people to understand and buy into how they invest. This is the very content investment committees actually discuss behind closed doors and vote on when considering firms on a short list for potential investment.

Clients hire Frumerman & Nemeth for its ideas, insights and content deliverables regarding what to say, how to say it, how to communicate it in written and verbal form throughout the selling cycle, and how to get third-party endorsement for the intellectual acumen of management.



Jonathan Golub, Partner, Wiggin & Dana

Jonathan Golub

Jonathan A. Golub is the Chair of the Fund Formation and Investment Management Practice Group and a partner in the Corporate Department. Jonathan advises domestic and offshore fund managers regarding all stages of private fund formation and regulatory compliance.

Jonathan has extensive experience helping emerging and established managers launch funds of all sizes and establish their related investment adviser and general partner entities. His practice includes representing U.S. and non-U.S. funds (including hedge funds, private equity and venture capital funds, and other pooled investment vehicles), family offices, entrepreneurs, founders, high net worth and institutional investors, and sponsors of various types of pooled investment vehicles. In addition to representing fund sponsors, Jonathan provides legal services to limited partners, family offices, and investment groups in connection with their direct investments in third-party managed alternative investment vehicles. Jonathan also frequently handles U.S. legal matters for offshore clients and professionals seeking access to the U.S. market.

Jonathan regularly provides counsel on a wide variety of commercial issues arising under U.S. federal securities laws and related regulations, such as the Investment Advisers Act of 1940, the Securities Act of 1933, the Investment Company Act of 1940, and the Commodity Exchange Act. Jonathan also helps clients with their capital raising initiatives and side letter negotiations while navigating complex U.S. regulations and fiduciary obligations. Prior to joining Wiggin and Dana, Jonathan was affiliated with prominent international and New York law firms with well-regarded financial services practices..











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