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Direct Lending Outlook Europe 2022

How has the pandemic changed the European direct lending market?

Wednesday, November 17, 2021 - London | 8am GMT - 1pm GMT

With the world gradually emerging from a pandemic, it is an interesting time to visit the fast-growing direct lending asset class. Government debt yields are at unprecedented lows, forcing investors to hunt for yields in other areas of the credit market. Private credit, and direct lending specifically, has become a diverse and sophisticated part of the alternative investment universe, with assets under management at historic highs, but selecting the right funds can still be challenging. Direct Lending Outlook Europe 2022 is a half-day, in-person event in London that will feature panel discussions between leading private credit and direct lending specialists, and investors active in the space. It represents an ideal opportunity to catch up in-person on the latest in thought leadership on the topic.



0800 - 0830: Registration & Breakfast

0830 - 0835: Opening Remarks

0835 - 0900: Session 1: Presentation: European Direct Lending By The Numbers

The direct lending industry has become its own alternative asset class since the global financial crisis, and in our opening session, Rahmin Maali presents Preqin's latest fundraising data, AUM data and more to set the scene for the day.

Presenter: Rahmin Maali, VP, Preqin

0900 - 0935: Session 2: Panel: European Direct Lending Opportunities In 2022

As the world – and markets – begin to learn to live with the pandemic, what sectors or geographies should provide opportunities for the direct lending industry in the coming 12-24 months?

Moderator: Stuart Fieldhouse, Managing Partner, Hawksmoor Partners

Speaker: Patrick Ghali, Managing Partner, Sussex Partners

Speaker: Craig Reeves, Founder, Prestige Funds

0935 - 1010: Session 3: Panel: Portfolio Construction: Direct Lending

What should be the ideal allocation to direct lending strategies and which of the underlying strategies should be considered in what situation? This panel discusses what investors should be considering as they look to adjust their portfolios as the world emerges from the pandemic.

Moderator: Greg Winterton, Managing Editor, AlphaWeek

Speaker: Trevor Castledine, Senior Director, bfinance  

Speaker: Stuart Fiertz, Co-Founder, President and Head of Responsible Investment, Cheyne Capital

Speaker: Emily Pollock, Solutions Director, Schroders

1010 - 1030: Networking Break

1030 - 1105: Session 4: Panel: Valuation Methodologies Post-Pandemic

Valuation in the private markets has been and will likely continue to be a key area of focus for investors and managers alike. This panel looks at whether the pandemic has changed anything in how portfolio companies and loans are valued, and the implications of that for the industry.

Moderator: Greg Winterton, Managing Editor, AlphaWeek

Speaker: Milko Pavlov, Managing Director, Houlihan Lokey

Speaker: Carina Spitzkopf, Director - Private Debt & CLOs, Federated Hermes

1105 - 1140: Session 5: Panel: ESG and Direct Lending

ESG is the buzzword of all buzzwords in finance, and it’s no different in direct lending. This panel explores how direct lending can be an ally to an ESG policy and what investors should be considering specific to E, S and G.

Moderator: Stuart Fieldhouse, Managing Partner, Hawksmoor Partners

Speaker: Sabrina Fox, CEO, European Leveraged Finance Association

Speaker: David Smart, Consultant, PMCL Consulting

Speaker: Nick Smith, Director, Alternative Credit Council

1140 - 1215: Session 6: Panel: Due Diligence on Direct Lending Managers

Each sub-asset class in the alternative investment industry has its own specific considerations in both the operational and investment due diligence process. The direct lending industry is no different, and this panel discusses the nuances that investors should be aware of as they look at managers in the space.

Moderator: Greg Winterton, Managing Editor, AlphaWeek

Speaker: Sophie Batoua , Chief Investment Officer, Fintex Capital

Speaker: Thomas Deinet , Executive Director, Standards Board for Alternative Investments

Speaker: Jean-Marc Winand , Managing Director, Acheron Capital

1215 - 1220: Closing Remarks

1220 - 1300: Networking Lunch



Sophie Batoua , Chief Investment Officer, Fintex Capital

Trevor Castledine, Senior Director, bfinance 

Thomas Deinet , Executive Director, Standards Board for Alternative Investments

Stuart Fieldhouse, Managing Partner, Hawksmoor Partners

Stuart Fiertz, Co-Founder, President and Head of Responsible Investment, Cheyne Capital

Sabrina Fox, CEO, European Leveraged Finance Association

Patrick Ghali, Managing Partner, Sussex Partners

Rahmin Maali, VP, Preqin

Milko Pavlov, Managing Director, Houlihan Lokey

Emily Pollock, Solutions Director, Schroders

Craig Reeves, Founder, Prestige Funds

David Smart, Consultant, PMCL Consulting

Nick Smith, Director, Alternative Credit Council

Carina Spitzkopf, Director - Private Debt & CLOs, Federated Hermes

Jean-Marc Winand , Managing Director, Acheron Capital




Hawksmoor Partners

Hawksmoor Partners

Founded in 2013 by a former currency hedge fund manager, Hawksmoor Partners has gone on to develop and implement the marketing strategy of fund managers and private offices from around the world. Hawksmoor’s public relations arm is run by ex-FT journalist Stuart Fieldhouse.


Prestige Funds


Prestige Funds

Established in 2007, Prestige consists of several companies under common ownership based in the UK and various international financial centres, specialising in alternative investment strategies with a focus on direct lending. The team consists of a diverse group of investment professionals who, including the board of directors, board of advisors, affiliates and retained consultants have served on numerous boards of international financial institutions, fund groups, asset management and wealth management groups. Combined the team has many decades of experience in various sectors of finance including commercial banking and lending, investment banking, stock broking, hedge fund management, private equity, financial markets trading and extensive experience in the management and operation of various alternative investments.


Event Supporters

European Leveraged Finance Association

European Leveraged Finance Association

ELFA is a professional trade association comprised of European leveraged finance investors from over 50 institutional fixed income managers, including investment advisors, insurance companies, and pension funds. ELFA seeks to support the growth and resilience of the leveraged finance market while acting as the voice of its investor community by promoting transparency and facilitating engagement among European leveraged finance market participants. For more information please visit ELFA’s website:


Standards Board for Alternative Investments

Standards Board for Alternative Investments

The Standards Board for Alternative Investments (SBAI) is an active alliance of alternative investment managers and institutional investors dedicated to advancing responsible practice, partnership, and knowledge across the alternative investment industry.

The SBAI’s mission is to advance understanding and connectivity between its members and to improve industry outcomes by promoting responsible practice and normalising quality and fairness.






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