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Emerging & Diverse Manager Exchange: Agenda

Where Minority and Women-Owned Alternative Investment Managers and Investors Meet

Tuesday, May 12th 2020, Chicago, IL, USA


0800 – 0845: Registration and Breakfast


0845 – 0900: Opening Remarks


0900 – 0930: Keynote, TBA


0930 – 1015: Capital raising: Getting Your Story Straight On Day One

This discussion will focus on the different types of pitches—from the 30-second elevator pitch to the full-blown presentation. You also will learn to listen, adapt and respond rapidly to an investor audience.


Kelly Chesney, Co-Founder, Pluscious Management

Lofton Holder, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Pine Street Alternative Investments


1015 – 1100: Manager, Know Your Investor

Understanding which investor is right for which strategy increases your chances of getting an allocation. Learn what different types of investors—family offices and high-net-worth individuals, funds of funds, endowments and foundations, and pension funds—are looking for and where your strategy fits—or doesn’t—in the different portfolios.


Jeff Willardson, CFA, CQF, Head of Investments, PAAMCO Launchpad


1100 – 1130: Break


1130 – 1215: Asset Raising: Positioning For Success

Capital-raising is about performance and strategy, but it’s also about doing your homework. This discussion focuses on identifying the right investors; making connections with those investors, including getting past the gatekeepers; and finally, learning how to move from the introductory meeting through the process of getting the check.



1215 – 1315: Lunch


1315 – 1400: Keynote

Gillian Marcelle, Founder, Managing Member, Resilience Capital Ventures


1400 – 1445: Due Diligence: Maximize Your Chances Of Passing the Test

From the Alternative Investment Management Association’s due diligence questionnaire to background checks and site visits, due diligence is a complex and often long process. Learn what different kinds of investors are looking for and how to navigate the process smoothly by being properly prepared.


Shana Sissel, Director of Investment Due Diligence, Senior Portfolio Manager, Orion


1445 – 1515: Break


1515 – 1600: Tales from the Front

Experienced asset managers share their experiences



1600 – 1700: 50 Shades of Green: All Money Is Not Equal

A candid conversation featuring family offices, endowments and foundations and pension funds and the things managers need to do to get an allocation and the things no one should ever do.



1700 – 1800: Reception