How To Raise A Debut Fund

Learn which LPs have an appetite for debut funds, and how to land a commitment from them—all in this insightful afternoon workshop

Thursday, September 22, 2022 - Online

1pm ET - 4PM ET

Which LPs truly have an affinity for first-time funds? What kind of track record do you need to woo them? How do you break through the noise? Should you take an anchor investment?

Get the answers to these and many more questions during an online workshop hosted by the leaders in online PE education—Private Equity Professional, Private Equity Career News and AlphaWeek.

We've assembled an all-star cast of speakers—including investors in first-time funds, placement agents that represents start-up firms, and a fund attorney that has negotiated terms for dozens of limited partnerships.

Along with answering your questions, they'll cover the following topics:

—How to identify early-fund investors that can give your fund crucial momentum;

—Top do's and don'ts of road show meetings and presentation decks;

—Tactics to manage the all-important follow-up conversations with potential investors—and how to know if they're interested;

—Advice on how much seed money you'll need to sustain a successful fund-raise, and whether it's worth trying to raise money outside of the United States;

—Partnership term concessions to make to get investors bellying up to the first-close bar—and terms to never compromise on.