Implementing ESG London 2019

Tuesday, November 5th, 2019, London, UK

Produced by AlphaWeek and Prime Advocates



0800 – 0845: Registration and Breakfast


0845 – 0900: Introductory remarks from AlphaWeek and Prime Advocates


0900 – 0930: Keynote 1: Werner von Baum, Managing Partner, Chief Risk Officer, LGT Capital Partners Ltd

Werner von Baum will will give an overview of how LGT evaluates the development of ESG integration by hedge funds, and discuss the role of data and recent investor feedback on ESG to understand how hedge funds operate and will have to operate going forward with regards to ESG.


0930 - 1030: Session 1: How To Develop An ESG Policy That Meets Investor Requirements  

This session will provide you with a practical, step-by-step process to help you develop an ESG policy that addresses the main responsible investment considerations that we are seeing an increasing number of asset owners raise during investment due diligence meetings.


Max Budra, Associate, Markets, Governane and Innovation, AIMA

Anthony Murphy, Managing Director, Prime Advocates


1030 - 1115 - Session 2: Understanding The Practical Implications Of Adopting An ESG Policy

This session will provide you with clear guidance with regards to the key operational, legal, marketing and compliance considerations to take into account once you have developed and are ready to implement your ESG policy.


Anthony Murphy, Managing Director, Prime Advocates

Sarah Olofsson, Responsible Investments Manager, Swedbank Robur


1115 – 1135: Morning Break


1135 – 1220: Session 3: How Well Do Responsible Investment Approaches And Hedge Funds Mix?

This session explores whether some hedge fund strategies every truly satisfy ESG criteria or whether they are diametrically opposed. Are asset owners placing too much or not enough emphasis on ESG when conducting due diligence on hedge fund managers?


Thomas Deinet, Executive Director, Standards Board for Alternative Investments


Robert Howie, Principal, Mercer

Jennifer Lau, Senior Analyst, Aberdeen Standard Investments

Sarah Olofsson, Responsible Investments Manager, Swedbank Robur


1220 - 1250: Keynote 2: Will Martindale , Director of Policy and Research, UNPRI

Duties, Stewardship, Taxonomy and Disclosure: ESG Regulation And Its Implications For Hedge Funds And Investors


1250 - 1350: Lunch


1350 – 1435: Session 4: ESG Pioneers - Lessons From Hedge Funds Championing Responsible Investment Approaches

Guidance and wisdom from leading hedge fund managers running responsible investment strategies both from the security selection perspective and the investor pitching perspective.

Moderator: Nick Finegold, CEO, Curation Corp


Larry Abele, CEO & Portfolio Manager, Auriel Investors

Lisa Beauvilain, Head of Sustainability & ESG, Impax Asset Management

Paola Perotti, CEO, GO Investment Partners


1435 – 1520: Session 5: ESG Regulation - The Pending Tide Of Sustainability Regulations As It Affects The Alternative Investment Industry

What affect will upcoming ESG or sustainability regulation have on hedge funds' ability to transact and obtain investment?


Anthony Murphy, Managing Director, Prime Advocates


Lucian Firth, Partner, Simmons & Simmons

Adam Jacobs-Dean, Managing Director, Global Head of Markets, Governance and Innovation, AIMA

Nadia Humphreys, Sustainable Business & Finance, Bloomberg


1520 - 1540: Afternoon Break


1540 - 1620: Session 6: ESG Data - What You Need To Know

What's the latest understanding of the materiality of ESG data? Which are the new arenas for ESG inclusion - credit and fixed income? And why do individual security ESG scores affect different hedge funds in different ways? This panel digs deep to tell you what you need to know when sourcing, understanding and implementing ESG data into your security selection process.


Nicolas Rabener, Founder, FactorResearch


James von Claer, Director, Arabesque S-Ray

Hampus Hårdeman, Sustainability Director, Brummer & Partners

Paul Hewitt, Director, Vigeo Eiris


1620 – 1650: Keynote 3: Jason Mitchell, Co-Head of Responsible Investment, Man Group


1650 - 1745: Drinks Reception


1745: Close