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0800 - 0845: Registration and breakfast


0845 - 0850: Introductory Remarks


0850 - 0920: Keynote: The evolution of Private Credit

Presenter: Nick Smith, Director, Private Credit, Alternative Credit Council


0920 - 1000: Panel 1: SME Lending

How do funds lend to the SME sector, what are its characteristics and risks, and why does this represent an opportunity for investors?

Speaker: Craig Reeves, Founder, Prestige Funds


1000 - 1040: Panel 2: Distressed Debt Investing

A downturn in the European economy should lead to an abundance of distressed investing opportunities. A panel of experts discuss what they look for in deals and what pitfalls to avoid.


1040 - 1100: Break


1100 - 1140: Panel 3: Co-Investments and Deal Origination

More and more institutional investors are looking to their managers to provide co-investment opportunities instead of or alongside their fund commitments. Co-investment experts discuss deal origination and alpha opportunities in niche markets.


1140 - 1220: Panel 4: Investor Fireside Chat

A trio of seasoned investors in private credit chart the growth of the market and what they are looking for from funds, as well a sdebating the relative benefots of closed ended versus open ended structures.


1220 - 1300: Networking


1300: Close