Private Debt Outlook Europe 2023

Where investors and managers meet to discuss the latest in the European private debt market

Tuesday, November 15, 2022 - London | 8.15am - 6pm GMT

Investors have been piling into private debt in the past decade, with each year seeming to set a new fundraising record, driven by the promise of yield in a world of historically low interest rates. Times are changing, however, with rates rising, high inflation, and talk of a potential recession, each of which would significantly impact the European private debt market.

Private Debt Outlook Europe 2023 is a full-day, in-person event in London that will see leading private debt investors, managers and service providers discussing these challenges and the opportunities for the industry in the coming 12- 24 months.



0815 - 0900: Registration, Breakfast

0900 - 0915: Opening Remarks

0915 - 0945: Session 1: Presentation: The State of the European Private Debt Market

Speaker: Rahmin Maali, VP, Market Leader Preqin

0945 - 1030: Session 2: Panel: The Impact of Inflation, Interest Rates and Recession on the European Private Debt Market

Macroeconomic factors are having an impact on all asset classes, and private debt is no different. This panel discusses the current state of the market and how global events are affecting the European private debt market, both for the better, and for worse.

1030 - 1100: Networking Break

1100 - 1145: Session 3: Panel: Private Debt Secondaries - Opportunities and Challenges


1145 - 1230:  Session 4: Panel: European Regulation and its Impact on the Private Debt Market

The alphabet soup of European regulation provides investment managers with plenty of hurdles to navigate in terms of both capital raising and investment. Whilst SFDR has received substantial coverage, the U.K. is in the process of reviewing some regulations it absorbed as part of the Brexit process. What is the potential impact of diverging regulatory regimes on the European private debt market?

1230 - 1330: Lunch

1330 - 1415: Session 5: Fireside Chat: TBA

Speaker: Craig Reeves, Founder, Prestige Funds

Interviewed by Greg Winterton, Founder, Managing Editor, AlphaWeek

1415 - 1500: Session 6: Panel: Which Strategies Are Set To Outperform in the Coming 2-3 Years?

Private debt investments into 'healthy' companies has long been the largest pool of money in the space. But what happens when there are less healthy companies? Will distressed investing come to the fore? Or has that ship already sailed?

1500 - 1530: Networking Break

1530 - 1615: Session 7: Panel: Is 'Social' Now The Main Focus For Investors In Private Debt strategies?

Geopolitical events in the first six months of 2022 have brought the 'social' leg of the ESG stool to the fore in the investment industry. Is this a paradigm change? If so, how can managers better deliver alpha with a stronger social focus? If not, where do environmental or governance factors fit in now?

1615 - 1700: Session 8: Fireside Chat: TBA

1700 - 1710: Closing Remarks

1710 - 1800: Cocktail reception



Rahmin Maali, VP, Market Leader Preqin

Craig Reeves, Founder, Prestige Funds





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